There as some relationships that are like an embassy - you are not allowed to take pictures. So goes a joke commonly referring to sponsor-sugar baby relationships where the 'blesser' cannot afford to let his or her face be revealed, usually because he or she is married.

But aside from sponsored relationships, there's a trend where some celebrities and ordinary folk take to social media to let their followers know that they are in a relationship by sharing photos with their bae. The problem is they replace their bae's face with that of an emoji! There are others who will post a picture of them holding, say their bae's hand as the anonymous lover turns their back to the camera. Seriously?

If you really want people to know you're in a relationship, are proud of it and want to prove it by posting a photo of them, give us the whole picture or none at all.

It's rude to post the photo of your bae from the neck down and put some cartoon-resembling emoji of them in place of their face. If your bae is not comfortable with the attention that comes with social media, don't put their photo up at all - keep your private life private.

This goes for babies too. It's understandable that a baby's privacy needs to be protected, so how about not putting up their photo at all instead of those emojis? There's also the argument that it's unfair to expose babies to the invasive world of social media by posting their photos online yet they are too young to decide if they want those photos up.

Here are some celebrities who have shared photos of their baes with emojis:

Comedian Chipukeezy's ex Vivianne Kerubo also posted a photo of her with her new boyfriend on Instagram.