3 is the magic number! Last week betPawa saw three Kenyans bet small win BIG! Although each player placed different bets to one another, Kenyan residents Charles Mahindu, Gabriel Ouma and Simon Airo all had their winnings boosted by betPawa’s unique win bonuses. Helped by betPawa’s no minimum stake offering that’s just Ksh.1, Charles, a mason from Kaijiado, placed a stake of Ksh.10 on just 8 games to receive a big return of Ksh.699,956.53.

Both Simon and Gabriel took advantage of betPawa’s win bonuses, with Simon, a real estate agent from Kisumu predicting 17 games with a Ksh.1,921 stake to bring his total winnings up to a staggering Ksh.2,498,817.01. Whereas Gabriel, a street cook from Nairobi correctly predicted a mammoth 25 games with a Ksh.10 stake to receive a final payout of Ksh.699,956.53 thanks to betPawa’s win bonus.

Simon - Ksh.1,921 stake to Ksh.2,498,817.01 payout

The biggest win of the weekend was achieved by real estate agent, Simon Airo from Kisumu after he placed a stake of Ksh.1,921 on 17 games. After correctly predicting 17 games across world football, and with the help of betPawa’s 50% win bonus, Simon secured a life changing return of Ksh.2,498,817.01.

Simon has expressed how he felt after realising he won, saying ”I find betting fun, so I placed my bet on Friday evening which ran through to Sunday. When I checked on Sunday, I realised I had predicted all 17 matches correctly, I simply sat there shaking.”

When asked about how the winnings will impact his life, he went on to say, “I broke the news to my wife, but she didn’t believe me until I showed her my account balance and I withdrew Ksh.70,000. It feels great to be a millionaire through something I find fun! I plan to use my money to invest in Real Estate and land as well as donate a share to a charity in Kisumu. I’d encourage others to bet with betPawa because you stand a good chance of betting small and winning big, thanks to their amazing win bonuses.”

Charles - Ksh.10 stake to Ksh.699,956.53 payout

Charles Mahindu is the latest example to bet small win BIG, after he placed just Ksh.10 on only 8 games, thanks to betPawa’s no minimum stake of just Ksh.1! He would have won Ksh.636,324.12 but the betPawa win bonus meant this initial return was increased to Ksh.699,956.53.

The mason from Kaijiado is thrilled to bet small win BIG with betPawa, stating ”On Saturday, I placed Ksh.10 on eight games and when I checked on Sunday morning I had realised I won, I was so delighted I couldn’t even eat my breakfast. I plan to use my winnings to invest in a business and educate my children. I urge others to pick betPawa as their betting platform, as they can also bet small and win big like me!”

Gabriel - Ksh.10 stake to Ksh.626,347.77 payout

Eastleigh chapati cook, Gabriel pulled off a remarkable win after correctly predicting 25 games with a stake of Ksh.10 - thanks to betPawa’s no minimum stake of just Ksh.1. The Huruma resident saw his initial return of Ksh.313,173.88 doubled to Ksh.626,347.77 with the betPawa 100% win bonus applied.

Gabriel was well aware of betPawa’s unique service to betters, which helped him to make a calculated choice to bet small win BIG, saying “I’ve been betting small stakes for nearly six months, something that betPawa supplies with their no minimum stake service of just Ksh.1. This time I placed Ksh.10 on 25 matches, which I knew would give me a 100% win bonus if I predicted correctly.”

Correctly guessing the outcome of 25 games is a hard task but Gabriel is clearly ecstatic with his decision to place his speculative bet, going on to say ”I checked my account after all the games finished and I was so delighted, I have never won or held this amount of money before, this for me was a dream! I’m still making plans on how to spend my money but I’m certain to start my own business to supplement my daily work income.”

BetPawa would like to congratulate all three of our winners! We at mpasho hope that you enjoy your winnings.

What is betPawa’s no minimum stake?

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