When they say "bet small win BIG", they really mean it. It's happened again. Kenya’s best online betting site betPawa has unveiled another big jackpot winner, Austin Odhiambo who has won 1 million shillings.

Austin, a pharmaceutical technologist by profession won it all with 13 correct hits. He did this, having placed a wager of just 10 bob on 13 jackpot matches.

The next Jackpot prize will be 20 MILLION and you can play to win! It's also very exciting to learn that betPawa has introduced new Sunday “bet small win BIG” Jackpot. An affordable 10 bob ticket with 17 correct hits can land you a whopping prize money of 20 MILLION shillings.

Bonuses of up to 2 million are available for 13-16 correct hits. And you can easily make multiple selections on one ticket to increase your chances.

More on last week’s Jackpot win

“I was particularly interested in betting on the jackpot, because of the small stakes and because also I can make multiple selections. I played all the last 3 consecutive jackpots but was only getting the bonuses." said Austin

However, on this one I knew I would hit all matches correct,” Austin continued

A staunch Gor Mahia fan, Austin revealed that he analyzes his matches very keenly, looks at the team’s form and also head to head records.

“It is just not about luck. Before placing bets, I analyze the teams carefully and also review their predictions, then I make my selection.” he revealed

Austin said that he will certainly continue betting, and with his winnings, he would invest in getting a better education and starting his own business.

More about betPawa

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