Bahati caught thirsting over video of a city socialite

Piece by: Lily Mwangi

Bahati is in trouble. Na ifikie Diana please.

So Phoina Tosha who does make up for all Nairobi D casts is having an embarrassing moment.

Her Instagram account seems to have been hacked. Her name was even changed from Phoina Tosha to Phoina Tasho.

Her page is now full of nasty video's including one of Judy Jay, a former Nairobi D cast. So apparently even Judy's account has been hacked because her Instagram account is none existent.

The video's on Phoina's page has a video of Judy kissing other girls with the hashtag 'best lesbian forever'.

The most shocking video is one of a shaking derriere and has been tagged Judy but since we can not see the face, who are we to conclude it really is?

If this really is a hacker then it's about to be a huge case. I mean the two are big brands especially Phoina who has created an image for herself as an amazing makeup artiste. She even opened up a hair, makeup and nails salon where all she does is glam you up.

Clearly, this beauty business has a very large target market. Look at Vera, Betty, Susan and Wahu who all have a salon and they are all making some good money even Vera who just opened hers.

So the video of the derriere that is supposedly Judy's has exposed the thirst of one Bahati Kenya. Bahati Kenya did not hesitate but double tapped the video and you know what that means... You love what you see.

Clearly, Bahati saw something he liked and double tapped.

In case you are not really conversant with Bahati, he is a married man with a very beautiful baby. He is also a father to another daughter by Yvette Obura (not his wife).

He is a gospel artiste and that automatically makes you a role model to many. The image you portray is what gospel should look like.

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Gospel being the teaching or revelation of Christ.

Well, here is evidence of Bahati's thirst:

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