December is still haunting us it seems. A colleague of mine and friend too recently had an encounter with someone who claimed to be a relative of the Kenyattas.

It is an interesting tale too so I have decided to share it below. Enjoy:

Kid tried to brawl me Today- Lessons here.

Oh Lawwwd. It started so good. We were just chilling at our local Roadhouse Grill. You can picture the ambient soccer game, the soul music and the sweet aroma of nyama choma and wet-fry.

Then out of nowhere, some entitled rich-kid, claiming to be a relative of the First Family, joins our table of 35+, hardworking, parenting, tax-paying, Drink-cemberrers.

Then he did what? He, the Kiddy-Boy got drunk and arrogant. Then he went there. Yeah, where nobody who grew themselves from the east side can tolerate to hear:

He ….called me and my entire table “poor” and then after I called him out for being a dick, he …wait for it… tried beating my “poor “ skinny ass up (At Roadhouse?!!!) Oh dear! A 20-something kid tried to beat an older skinny guy with 43years of homies?? A-Patchi-Yaahh! You know how it goes. Our fellow Roadhouse “poor,” Old Babas rushed to my defence and schooled him a Gudu one. (It was great to watch Patch, Changes, Saints, Alliance Strath, & Mangu Allumni at work together) Thanks, you old fellas!

Wait. It ain’t over folks. The dude was brought back to me by the security guards that saved him from the kicks and punches from Kenya’s top professionals and drinkers.

He fake-apologized as he said Big Bro Cop is coming for me. Juuuust now.

Oh, Damn! I’m done for sure, Yeah? Order another double for strategic thinking.

Half a whisky later, his Big-Bro cop Brother checks in.

Should I Flee? Heck, No. Let him kill me with my final Jameson in my hand.

Let’s do this. Big Bro-Cop Brother joins our table.

I await to get “Got”

But No. What?!!! I get absolute chill. Yeah, This guy was Cool.

We amazingly talked about our challenges as adults, fathers and siblings and agreed that the Brat–boy in question was just being a entitled brat-dick who deserved what he got.

Mambo kwisha. Let’s drink to that and the yellow-yellow waitress finally relaxes and inches closer to take our order.

Back home now, and Wifey disapproving looks later, I have a swollen back/Shoulder from when Brat-Boy hurled me to the ground.

However Brat-Boy has a free-of-charge Roadhouse face and body makeover that he will have to be explaining to his peeps for the next 2 months. He got his Ass kicked by Degree, Masters and PHD holders. He may now claim it as higher education.

His Big bro will hopefully teach Rich-Brat and others how to be the Men our society requires them to be.

In conclusion, I don’t tolerate disrespect from kids- no matter who you’re connected to. I’m Poor in billions, but rich in common decency. If you’re that rich, then get the hell out of the Poor folk hangouts. May their Billionnaire parents save these entitled kids from the reality of the poor mortals.

Ouch my back! Ouch! My Shoulder!

But, Ha! Rich-kid’s face must hurt like poverty!

What an interesting day.