There are two new BIG millionaires in town thanks to betPawa, Kenya’s leading mobile sports betting site.

Paul Karanja and Ahmed Abdi were lucky winners of a whopping 3.9 million shillings and 2.3 million shillings respectively with just one shilling! Yes, One Shilling!

Guess what, I met the two excited chaps and they verified that they’re legitimate winners by showing me their betting slips! By looking at them, you could tell their they’re super happy about their unbelievable wins.

During a colourful awards ceremony at the betPawa Kenya offices in Nairobi, on Tuesday, Paul and Ahmed expressed their delight with the wins, terming them mind blowing.

Paul, a nurse by profession, placed a bet on Friday, 27th picking 26 teams and staking One shilling. He then proceeded to place bets on 20 matches with just One shilling again. Speaking during the award ceremony, Paul a nurse by profession said that he would thereafter place another two bets slips of a shilling each.

On Saturday morning, all that separated hum from 2.5 million shillings was just one game.

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“I kept my fingers crossed as I followed the match online. With just twenty minutes to end the tie, the home team equalized, yet I had given the away team a straight win. Moments to the end of the tie, the away team notched home another goal and that send me into uncontrollable joy. I could not believe that I won until I came here today,” he said as he was awarded on Tuesday.

Ahmed Abdi, a 28 year taxi driver, with a wife and one kid also placed a multi bet staking 4 bob and won 342,674 Kenyan shillings after placing 20 games. In the second bet, he staked One shilling picking 26 games and bagged 1,986,492 Kenyan shillings.

“I normally love betting and I bet with small amounts. The highest I had won previously was 1000 shillings. I was referred a year ago to betPawa by a friend, and I earned a 25-shilling free bet. Since then, I have been betting with small amounts and I am glad I won,” Abdi, a Cab driver with one of the Taxi Hailing App said, adding, “Thanks to betPawa, I am purchasing a new car to boost my business.”

While both winners bagged millions from just 1 shilling, their selections of 20-26 matches boosted them greatly, earning them an exclusive 100% win bonus at betPawa, where their potential wins were DOUBLED.

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The betPawa Kenya CEO Dos Kariuki had a couple of things to say as well. He insisted that the bet small win big policy helps gamblers bet responsibly in the sense that the one shilling in most cases does not injure them financially. He emphasized on the need to bet responsibly.

“We urge our clients to always bet responsibly. Besides just winning, we follow up and offer them sound and expert financial advice,” he opined.

“We urge new clients to join betPawa and enjoy seamless and excellent betting service.”

You too can be a winner with BetPawa. Winners never quit!

Remember, gamble responsibly!