Sweetie, Pombe Sio Supu. Drunk 20-Year-Old Jumps Off A Club Window In Westlands

Piece by: Grace Kerongo

Guys, pombe sio supu. A drunk chic got so high, she decided to jump out of a window of a club in Westlands. It is okay to go out and imbibe but don't get drunk and disorderly.

Nowadays, people gobble down drinks like there is no tomorrow. Kwanza, you will find that those drinks have been bought by a sbonza. That way they don't care that someone else is footing the bills.

Millennials need to know that there is more to fun than drinking yourself silly and doing drunk, stupid stuff.

Just this weekend, 20-year-old pretty young woman was admitted in a Nairobi hospital with serious injuries after plunging from the fourth floor of a building. The young lady was drinking with her pals in Westlands when something took over her and she decided that she has flying powers.

It is not clear what her mental state is, but according to a police report she jumped from the fourth floor of a building in Westlands.

She was raving with her friends at Club Hypnotica.

According to Nairobi News, police identified her as Lilian Tarina and citing a witness account said she was drinking before shouting she would take her own life.

“The scene was visited and established that the victim was taking drinks at Club Hypnotica in Westlands and was overheard saying that she wanted to kill herself,” the police said in a report.

Police said the victim broke the right elbow, left wrist and right thigh and also sustained an open wound on the forehead.

The 6.30am incident was reported to police by management of Krishna building. The victim was rushed to MP Shah Hospital and her condition has since stabilized.