Black is beautiful; so the adage goes. African women are wonderfully and fearfully made, but some do not appreciate that they are beautiful and will do anything to "enhance" their beauty. Some bleach because they are not comfortable in their own skin and want to look more attractive while others do it to impress men because they believe that most men love light skinned women popularly known as "rangi ya thao."

Millions of women across Africa use skin lightening products with West African countries leading. I would however not blame them because our men seem to prefer light skinned ladies, as evidenced by dancers and models used in local music videos. Are we not proud of our beautiful black women?

In Kenya we have heard about several celebrities and famous people who have been accused of bleaching but not all have come out to accept or deny the allegations. From socialites to entertainment industry big wigs, here are 4 Kenyans who are rumoured to have bleached.

1. Vera Sidika

The self-proclaimed African Kim and socialite became popular after skin bleaching. The bootylicious queen publicly admitted to having spent millions of shillings on skin lightening, an admission that ignited various reactions among Kenyans. Many criticised her for promoting bleaching but she lashed out calling her critics hypocrites. Vera seems extremely proud of her new skin colour.

2. Eunice Wambui aka Nyasuguta

The Vitimbi actress recently caused a stir on social media after "new" photos surfaced online. Nyasuguta the village girl with a ‘heavy’ Gusii accent in the famous local production Vitimbi, changed drastically a few months after she was involved in an accident that left her with a dislocated pelvic bone, injured knee and back. Nyasiguta came out to , claiming that her "new" skin color was due to climate change, but the photos below tell a lot.

3. Cess Mutungi

Just like Vera Sidika, radio queen Cess Mutungi is also alleged to have bleached. In fact, she is lighter than Vera. Her daughter is rather dark though. Cess seems to be comfortable and proud of her light skin. She has been accused of promoting skin lightening among Kenyan women who flock River Road for the creams of desperation.

4. Beatrice Marshall

The former KTN, now CCTV Africa Anchor is without a doubt one of the best presenters Kenya has ever had. She has also been accused of lightening her skin. Beatrice

Skin lightening is still on the rise in the country as women of all ages apply these cheap products just to look attractive for men. Who will save them from this low self-esteem "deficiency"? Well, find out what the major effects of these bleaching creams are as I seek a dermatologist's advice on them in part three of this series.