With almost two years remaining to the next general elections, everyone has started warming up. Both those in position of power and those who aren't, are trying their level best just to win the hearts of many so that they can be voted in come 2017.

Well, that aside, Bungoma County Governor Ken Lusaka is trending after he spent 1 million shilling in the purchase of 10 wheelbarrows, each at Ksh.109,000. But wait, with 1M shillings, one can buy a probox or a vitz and get some change back. According to the county, the expensive wheelbarrows were imported for the Agricultural Department and they preferred them to local ones due to their superior quality.

Angered Bungoma County residents want the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) to step in and have their leaders account for county's funds. Here is a video of Ken Lusaka explain how they spend the county money on buying equipment.

Whoever got this tender must be lucky.