If you were to ask Diamond, he would probably say that older ladies are sweeter. Something to do with fine wine and time but what do I know? Personally, I am one of those who believe that raw mangoes taste infinitely better because you can add pilipili and salt to them. Perhaps you like my friend Chege Miati prefer old squishy mangoes. I do not know.

But you see, Diamond dated Wema Sepetu, a young -er lass for quite some time. Sadly, that union ended when he decided to dump her the same way we through day old cold porridge outside the window the very moment he saw Zari, the 41 year old MILF.

Compare the two if you would:

The younger Wema Sepetu:

And then Zari:

And please not that this lady is 41 years old!

What is it about older women? I have heard it said that the key weapon in an older woman's arsenal is that she knows how to treat a man but my response is always that a man is not a cat! A man is not feline to be kept. Men are hunters.

Then there is the usual almost cliche rebuttal that a young girl while sweet is usually a bucketload of drama. What do you think?

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