Uncle Chim Tuna is going to speak. So shut up, tuck yourselves in and listen. When I am done, you will all agree with me.

My father is Nigerian. But he came to sow his seeds in Kenya. Why? Because Kenyan women are very attractive. But there are some tribes that have hotter women than others. Some tribes actually only seem to produce women who can only described as handsome.

You know the type. Some tribes only seem to produce women who look like the back of your very hairy father's knees.

I have a compiled a list of the tribes that produce the hottest lasses and if you would be so kind as to go through it, no really, given how much time went into organizing this piece I would defecate broken bottles if you didn't go through the list!

#1. Somali:

#2. Luhya

Say something fam! These have to be the most beautiful Bantu women. PERIOD!

#3. Kikuyus

What can I say, the daughters of those that face the great mountain to pray are indeed fine females! The 2nd most beautiful tribe in Kenya

#4. Kisii

#5. Luos

Nyi nam (ladies of the lake) are indeed blessed when it come to all matters sianda and ogwaloz. And even the celebrities who count themselves amongst the daughters of the lake are rather fetching!

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