A week has gone by after the reported traditional ceremony between president Uhuru Kenyatta’s first born son, Jomo and his bae, Achola Ngobi.

The royal couple tied the knot in a traditional Kikuyu ceremony called Ngurario. Photos that were circulated showed the couple dressed in traditional regalia in an undisclosed location.

Their is yet to be any official communication about this royal bonding of two families with strong political heritages in marriage.

Jomo is named after his grandfather who was the first president of Kenya and Achola’s grandfather was one of the most prolific politicians in the history of Kenya.

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Word on the street is that Jomo and Achola will tie the knot early next year in a white wedding. This follows a June engagement.

Now, photos of Achola from her days in South Africa where she was studying for her undergraduate have emerged. In the photos, Achola is seen looking all cozy with the South African hunk who is known as Sinqobile Ngwenya.

From the photos it looks like they were an item back then, 7-years-ago. There is one particular image where Achola and Sinqobile are seen kissing.

A quick search online, bring up information about Sinqobile. He is now a director at SiQo Production in Durban.

On LinkdIn, he describes his job.

“I aim to build the The Consult Inc. – Brand Architects company into a national asset which deals with the fields of Marketing, Development, Entertainment, Promotions, Sales and Advertising. An ambitious young man with the urge to make a difference through action.”

Sinqobile is also the  founding executive director of the Consult Inc. – Brand Architects. His company deals with providing clients with “a reliable, efficient and affordable service for corporate functions and strategic planning and implementation, a management base for SMEs in any field and promotion for vibrant and exciting brands. We look to work with brands, companies and people who understand and appreciate the value of marketing, brand development and concise planning.  Our company is here to give a service that will revive or build a strong base for brands, artists and companies to perform at their full potential.”

Now that you have meet Sinqobile, check out some of their photos together when they were young and reckless.