Willy Paul
The singer posing

Willy Paul was in the news early this year after two of his singers died in a space of two weeks.

Val Smilley Aura
Dancer Val Smilley Aura

Conspiracy theorists accused the singer of “sacrificing” them, something he vehemently denied.

Willy is not God; Willy Paul denies claims of him sacrificing his dancers

In an exclusive interview, the “Sitolia” singer explained how his two dancers met their demise. The first dancer to die was called Valerie and she passed on in December. Willy was visibly agitated as he described how she had met her death. He said:

Kwanza kuna huyo wa kwanza alikuwa anitwa Valerie. Yaani huyo mtoto ungemwangalia alikuwa 19. Alikuwa ana potential kabisa, I think alikuwa my best. Walikuwa wameenda roadshow nakuru na hawakuniambia, kwa sababu kuna vitu nilikuwa nimewakataza before. 

Willy Paul's dancer's burial
Willy carrying Valerie’s casket

Valerie and her friends then slept in the town after the show. The next morning, Valerie and her friends went for breakfast. While in the hotel, Valerie remembered that she had forgotten something back where they had slept. She went back and while crossing the road was hit by two boda bodas riders who were racing.

The resulting impact saw her skull split open. Willy says that she was taken to hospital while she was still alive but bleeding profusely.

Willy Paul's dancer
The late Valerie

Willy was unhappy with the treatment she received with the singer saying that he had forgiven the doctors.

He said Valerie had been taken to the hospital bleeding at between 8 and 9am but was only treated at 2pm. A distraught Willy said that Valerie was in such a bad condition after all the blood loss, that she was already telling people not to worry about her, as she was dying.

Willy Paul
Willy Paul

He admonished Kenyan doctors and told them not play with the lives of their patients.

And how did his second dancer die? Willy said that he wasn’t close to her but she had been a good friend of the late Valerie.

Willy Paul's dancer
Joan Charles, Willy Paul’s dancer

Willy remembers that he had gone to Mombasa for a project he was doing with the governor, Ali Hassan Joho. While there, he received the distressing call that Joanne had died in an accident.

Willy Paul
Willy at Valerie’s funeral

He discloses that the driver who was driving the car she was in overtook at a terrible spot and tried to swerve at the last minute. The result was that the car went veered off into a tree. The car hit the tree at the point Joanne was seated with her suffering head and neck injuries. He finished downheartedly:

She died on the spot.

The video is below:

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