Nyashinski has come out to rubbish rumours that he asked for money to appear in a popular local TV show that airs on Friday nights.

“Its not true, going for interviews helps my brand and my music, I can’t shoot myself on the leg, It doesn’t make sense, someone was given the wrong information. I’ve never asked for even a shilling. Ive never asked for money to do interviews, those are just stories,” Nyashinki told Mpasho.

And why had he committed social media suicide?

“Sikutoka Instagram, nilikua nataka nislow down frequency yangu ya kupost. Ni kitu tu ya marketing, saa ingine I have too much fun nasahau hata kupost.”

The MTV nominee of the best African act then thanked fans for their support on voting for him

“First of all, Kenyans coming together to vote for me was so much love, i can’t express it, I’ve never seen something like that. i was happy. I was really happy, that was a really good thing for me in my life, thank you so much guys!”

In his new song, Hayawani, Nyash has pointed out a couple of things among them poverty and violence, He explained to The Star’s Word Is column, what his inspiration is on the making of Hayawani.

‘The inspiration is how people are becoming inhuman in the society, we’ve reached a point where there is so much greed [and noone cares about others] as long as you and your family are ok. I thought I had to say something about that.’

Nani Amekutafash? Nyashinski Commits Social Media Suicide

Nyashinski also noted that the way things are being run in the industry has changed.

He said:

“I think there was a time where we were doing it ourselves but we’ve started learning, we’ve shown we can’t do it as one person. For example Sauti sol, they have a manager, director, production manager, stylist and all those things combine to make a brand that can stand with other International brands. Now that we are working with teams, we are learning and moving. For sometime we were importing more than we were exporting but now we are exporting music.’

Here’s Nyashinski’s response to the claims he asked for money to get interviewed at a local TV station;


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