Vicmass Luodollar and baby mama

‘Chimami’ is the name of the woman Vicmass Luodollar calls the love of his life. Lucy Manga, her real name is the woman driving the Bank Otuch hit maker Koo Koo.

Well, Mpasho can confirm that the rapper will be welcoming his first born next week. Lucy is said to be giving birth at a popular hospital in town.

“The baby is coming between 15th and 20th of January.”

He expressed his joy as he anticipates to be a father

“Its Godly, I just confirmed I can get any woman pregnant. Its my first child and I’m very happy I’ll become a parent. Anything I want in this life is to be a parent.”

He added,

“I love Lucy, She dresses me, she makes sure nikifika home nimekula nimeshiba.”

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Vicmass says his son will be called King Gilroy Pindwa.

Vicmass and baby mama have been dating for 4 years now. Luo, who has highly praised Lucy, says she is his main chic and is willing to give more time to this relationship. Well, we hope wedding bells are around the corner!

Here’s an exclusive video of Vicmass with Mpasho: