Nameless Wahu

Secular artiste Nameless has said that he and his wife Wahu have no secret bank accounts from each other given their relationship is based on trust.

Speaking during an exclusive Interview with Mpasho Nameless says that in his marriage the saying ‘Pesa Yangu’ does not apply.

‘For us we are a family so pesa yangu ni yetu na pesa yake (Wahu) ni yetu). We do things jointly, buy properties together. I support her business and she supports mine because we want to grow together.’

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Wahu and Nameless
The titillating photo

Nameless says that it is important for every couple to have both an individual and a joint account

Have an individual account in which you can pay yourself a salary and a joint account for whatever projects you have upcoming.

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Nameless Father's day
Nameless and his wife and kids

Some relationships couples have secret accounts from each other because there is lack of trust. It depends on where a relationship is, there is no need to hide so we don’t have secret bank accounts.

Do you agree with Nameless’ sentiments on how to manage finances as a couple?

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