Tanasha and Diamond together
Diamond and Tanasha

Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz have rims and rims of news being written about them. A lot of it true, some speculation and some of it blatant misinformation.

Tanasha Donna
Miss Donna with the Wasafi crew

There was an interesting report I saw on a Tanzanian website recently concerning tough rules allegedly set out for Diamond that got me wondering. It does, however, make sense considering Diamond already has two baby mamas whom he never married.

Diamond has two children with Ugandan businesswoman Zari Hassan and one with Hamisa Mobetto.

Tanasha with Diamond
The couple together

According to the article in the publication that goes by the name of Global Publishers, a relative of Tanasha’s said that Diamond had been forbidden from impregnating her until the couple is officially married.

Tanasha Donna and Diamond
The lovers together


We called Diamond’s babe concerning the authenticity of the article and she was appalled. Her one-word response to the article was:



The beauty wasn’t done explaining herself and she described the people who had written the article as crazy.

Tanasha Donna
Posing in blonde hair

She also divulged that no relative of hers would speak to the media like that. She said:

My relatives ain’t never that type to even say something like that. They’re the most humble, respectful people ever.

Tanasha and her family
Tanasha and her family

This is not the first time that some people have said salacious things about Tanasha’s family.

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