Upset woman in bed sleeping separate of a man

The weekend is here with us and most Kenyans are looking forward to showcasing their bedminton skills. Captain Kale has some tips for you.

In an exclusive interview with Mpasho he has revealed the five things that turn off a man in bed, so ladies chukueni notes.

1- Keep proper hygiene

A dirty woman is a turn off in bed completely.

Someone comes to bed yet they have not showered, someone was just cutting onions and when she opens up the server onions pop out, eeew.

2- Don’t come dressed in bed

Give us access to the servers, if you are feeling cold I will handle that plus you can also bring warmth to me.

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Couple In Bed

3. Initiate s@x

Initiate once in a while, get on top and ride me, let it not be that I am always the one initiating.

Some women will never initiate anything wanataka you do all the dirty work.

4. Dress well

Someone has dressed like a firefighter by the time she is getting undressed the engine has already slept.

Who even comes to bed dressed in socks? Hizo tabi tuache pliz.

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