Susan Mwaniki has in an exclusive interview with Mpasho accused Willy Paul of being a womanizer despite being considered a gospel artiste.

According to Susan Willy Paul is a wild child.

He has so many girlfriends and I knew it but currently I am talking to two of his girlfriends and he does not know.

I knew about his baby mama.

there is a blog that wrote about him and the baby mama getting together and when I asked he refused to talk about it.

Susan Mwaniki

Susan added that Willy Paul does not drink nor do any drugs making it hard to understand why he gets violent.

He does not drink maybe he started recently and he does not do drugs. 

‘Willy Paul threatened to shoot me,’ ex-girlfriend exposes violent gospel star

On whether this is the first time Willy Paul had physically assaulted a woman Susan said

That is the second time because the first time he beat another lady. He is a good guy but the problem is his ego is what makes him think he is a king.

He is not a joker when he says something he does it so I was very afraid when he threatened me with the gun and boiling water.

Willy Paul with Susan Mwaniki and the gun he posted on social media

After beating me he went out for two hours and acted like nothing happened. I did not go home I stayed there for four days before I went home to Thika.

Susan further said she stayed with him after the assault because she thought he would change.

I stayed because I thought he would change but every other day I hear him threatening and treating people the way he wants. There is a girlfriend of his I met after we started dating, I tried talking to her but it feels like she is afraid of him. I had even scheduled time so that we can meet but she keeps saying she is busy.

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She even posts photos of herself with another man but when I ask she keeps saying that she is still with Willy Paul. He is just a scam he was just singing gospel music to make money.

Numerous calls for comment to Willy Pal were not returned.

Listen to Susan’s narration below.

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