Ruth Matete pregnancy

Gospel singer Ruth Matete is the new mum in town after she welcomed a baby girl Toluwa Apewajoye on the 19th of October at Ruai Family Hospital RFH.

Speaking to on Friday morning, Ruth Matete’s dad Abel Amunga
said he is elated to be officially a grandpa.

“I have been a grandpa before because I have raised my late sister’s kids and they have children but it wasn’t as great as it is right now coming from my very own flesh and blood. I am a proud grandpa.”

Ruth Matete
Abel also revealed that Ruth delivered through CS as she had to deliver slightly earlier to the due dates.

“She had high blood pressure and in order to save both the mother and the child, the doctor recommended a premature CS be done which was successful and both are safe and healthy,” he said.
“Ruth was expecting her baby in mid-November but the baby came three weeks earlier. The doctors tried to push it up to around 37 weeks but it was not possible.”

During her husband’s burial in July, Ruth said that her husband had already chosen a name for their unborn child.

“How you had put things in order like naming the baby, we agreed to call him Joshua Toluwa Apewajoye if its a boy and Joana Toluwa Apewajoye if its a girl,” Ruth said.

It was then that she also revealed that she was expecting a baby boy.

Her dad says that her first and second scans revealed a son but her third scan revealed a girl.

Ruth Matete
“From the time she went for her third scan, we’ve always known it is a girl.
I knew it was a girl from the word go and I spoke out of inspiration like I always do. A lot of people looked at her traits and expected she was expecting a girl but the first word that came from my mouth, I said it is a girl.”

“Not because I had any physical thing but out of inspiration and even when the first scans came out, that revealed it was a boy, she asked me if I wanted to crose over to the people who said its a boy but I said no and maintained it was a girl.”

Abel Amunga

Ruth together with her baby will be discharged today.

Abel also thanked all the friends who have stood with them all through and he says.

“I want to express my gratitude to all those who supported us, both Morally spiritually and financially. From the time she lost her husband, Ruth has been staggering with many bills and we have seen alot of people come through. Some we have never met and they just call and ask how they can be of help to us. They have come through in a very tremendous way.
All people who have been of goodwill to us.”