Roy Smith Mwita aka Rufftone is an iconic gospel singer in Kenya. He married to Susan Njoki well known as Krystal. She is also a gospel singer and together they have two children, Kellen and Jeremy.

One thing for sure is, every saint was once a sinner. Talking to Mpasho, he opened up about his life before he got saved. Rufftone was a secular artiste raving from town to town, in his words he was just all over. His main issue was money, fame and girls. He jokingly said;

“I was that guy, the hot stepper”.


Rufftone’s life in salvation has been a good, more peaceful but now without it’s shares of temptations and other challenges. He has to consciously choose to restrain himself and walk by what the bible says.

“Compared to the former life, it is more peaceful and other than that I have to restrain myself and adhere to what the scripture is saying,” Rufftone said.

The biggest challenge that he faces is that people expect him to not sin. If he does he is judged harshly and people tend to ask;  ‘Hii ndo kuokoa?’ Or sometimes others ask, ‘Born again people do this?’

“You are judged harshly by the society, so I have to exercise extreme caution.”


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He admits that he has tripped in many areas because no one can be perfect on earth.

“People expect you to walk the talk, so if I trip, mazee, I am judged. super harshly.”

Rufftone would also find himself asking how to act so as not to appear ‘holier than thou’ around his fans. He says some would want to hug him, others jump on him out of excitement of meeting him. He is always left wondering how to draw the line. He wants to embrace and appreciate his fans but also at the same time he doesn’t want to embarrass them or make them feel judged.

Another challenge he has had to face was at times companies wouldn’t work with him simply because he is a gospel artiste. There reason being there are many cultures and religions in the company and they want to keep the entertainment neutral. But now, he is used to that.

There are also times he would take his song to radio and TV stations and the media contacts tell him his song is good but it will be playing on Sundays only.

He was like;

“Excuse me!I thought gospel was supposed to be adaily nourishment affair.”