Popular Tanzanian singer, Feza Kessy has come out to talk about relationships and sexuality.

The singer who is currently rocking the airwaves with the song Kaa Kijanja was rumoured to be having interests in females and their anatomies.

Recently, a video went viral of a lesbian proposal which fans thought featured Feza’s rumoured former partner.

We reached out to her for a comment and this is what she had to say on the matter:

“Hahahaaa, well, can i say no comment. I won’t comment on that because first of all i don’t judge people like that because there are in a third world country and for instance my country its illegal to be that way. i cant say anything at this particular juncture. I choose not to comment.”

So, has she moved on?

“I’m kinda dating. There’s a guy I like and he likes me, I’m just taking my time.”

She added,

‘Nimetoka kwenye relationship mbaya sana of being played, there was trust issues. I’ve been cheated on.’

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Recently, Feza has been sharing messages that show how heartbroken she has been in the past.

“I was so afraid of losing you, until I realized that you never really belonged to me in the first place. Because even tho my heart was with you, yours was with everything and everyone else. So instead of being afraid, I sat back and watched YOU lose me. Now quit trying to win me back. 👋🏽”

In another post, she posted,

“The most FOOLISH thing you can do is to go back to the FOOL that had you looking like one!
#NoThankyou #SitakiTena #OnceACheatAlwaysACheater
#ItsNeverThatSerious……As I was fighting for you, I realized I was fighting to be lied to; fighting to be taken for granted; fighting to be disappointed; fighting to be hurt again. So I started doing something you didn’t expect, I started fighting to let go. 😃 #WideAwake #AsanteKwaYoye #Free #KammySavedMe #HearbreaksMakeMeWriteAmazingLyrics.”

Here’s an exclusive interview;

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