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More photos of Jaguar’s Range Rover which was badly damaged after a fatal accident that claimed the lives of two people have surfaced online, adding a fresh twist to the story.

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For those not in the know, the “Kioo” singer was involved in a accident along the Makutano Sagana Highway when his car hit two men who were riding on a motorcycle.

It’s alleged that a lady, whose identity has not been made public, was behind the wheels of the Range Rover at the time of the crash which occurred at 3pm on Tuesday, March 21.

However, in what looks like an attempt to cover up for his female friend, Jaguar claimed he was the one who was driving the car when he arrived at the scene at 3:30 pm.

According to the Facebook user who shared the story, the car which bears the registration plates KCB 808J was heading to Makutano while the two men were on their way to Sagana.

Since the road is under construction, one side was blocked forcing motorists to wait in line before they could proceed.

Apparently, the driver of the Range Rover did not wait in line for cars to be cleared from her side and it is then that the she hit the two men namely Joseph Maingi and Mugo Abdalla.

The vehicle was then towed to Sagana Police Station as officers try to establish what could have caused the accident and who was driving the Range Rover at the time.

Upon visiting the station while trying to get to the root of the matter, the deceased’s family members were allegedly turned away.

Mugo’s kin were denied a chance to see the vehicle that ended the life their son and told to come with eyewitnesses.

When Maingi’s brother, Kamau, visited the station, the officers allegedly told him that they are yet to find the owner of the vehicle.

And now, a fresh twist has been added to the narrative after it emerged that the insurance stickers of Jaguar’s pricey vehicle had expired at the time of the incident.

A source who preferred to remain anonymous told Mpasho that they checked the car when it was still at the police station and found out that its insurance stickers had expired.

They were shocked the next morning when they found new stickers had been plastered on the Range Rover!

Here are the photos:

Jaguar has since spoken on the incident that is threatening his attempt to become the next Member of Parliament (MP) for Starehe constituency.

Taking to Instagram, the musician extended his heartfelt condolences to the families of the two men, adding that due process of the law will be followed to resolve the matter.

He also appeared to take full responsibility for the accident saying “I was involved in a car accident. Sadly, lives were lost in the accident.”

This is what he posted:

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