You have seen bongo flava singer Diamond Platnumz from the time he released his song Mbagala to now that he recently released the hit song Salome. Evidently, the man has gone through a huge transformation!

Mother-In-Law Drama!!! 5 INCREDIBLE Reasons Why Diamond Platnumz’ Mother HATES Zari Hassan

Lets not talk about his wife Zarina Hassan and kids. They just look gorgeous!

But then you’ve probably had a few things (if any) about Diamond Platnumz’s mother. This woman has undergone a series of transformations. At least from the time Diamond’s music started paying him, Sanura Sandra Kassim has had quite afew nice transformations.

Mama Digital!!! See What Diamond Platnumz’s Mother Did To Vera Sidika

Forget her real name Sandra, she likes calling herself Kendrah Michael. You ask why? That’s a discussion for another day. For now lets just say she wants it like that…yes,like a dot com.

Diamond and his mother have heard struggles together, and to get to this point that she looks like a princess, it has been quit a difficult journey. First of all, check out this FBF (Flashback Friday) of Diamond and his mother;

BUSTED!!! Diamond Platnumz’s SIDE PIECE Spotted Rocking His Clothes, Zari Throws Shade


Now here are recent photos of Diamond’s mother that’re proof she is looking just like a 16 year old…not aging!