Upcoming comedian George Kagwe alias Mpesa Lady is causing ripples in the entertainment industry but his life has not been a smooth ride.

Speaking during an exclusive interview with Mpasho Kagwe said that losing his dad to cancer left him depressed.

I lost my dad in 2011 and that put me into depression in 2012 for 9 months and that is when I quit my job. He had cancer and I used to take him for chemotherapy, at some point he had sold his house and I asked him what he planned to do with the cash. 

He told me he would go to DT Dobbie and buy a new Benz, I asked him why he would do that yet all his life he had never been flamboyant. 

My therapy at the time was picking and dropping my then-girlfriend at work.

Kagwe added that his dad wanted to enjoy the best things life had to offer hence the decision to buy the car.

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Asked on whether his wife supports him Kagwe said she does add that she even shoots his videos.

My wife loves it, In the beginning, she was hesitant but right now she is OK with it.

 she is glad even when she sees the kids doing it.

George Kagwe alias Mpesa Lady

  I feel, it now has a positive effect on society. She is very supportive and she is the one who shoots my videos.

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