Mr Seed with his mother
Mr Seed with his mother

Talented singer Mr Seed has released yet another song titled Simama.

The song is a tear-jerker. Mr Seed has retold a part of his life that is so raw and emotional in this new release.

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In the song, Mr Seed talks about his life tribulations and how he once contemplated suicide.

An extract from his song reads;

Nilipata taabu dunia iliponisukuma kwa corner

Nilipata taabu nikaona kujitoa uhai ndo bora

Mungu wa Abrahamu alijitokeza mwenyewe tu

Akaniambia mwanagu usijali niko na wewe

Ata wanadamu wakaniangusha nibebe tu

Sitajali nipo salama nikiwa na wewe

In an exclusive interview with Mpasho, Mr Seed said that he has been through a lot in life.

He said;

I was frustrated with life a few years back. I lost hope in everything because nothing was working out for me. I had so many problems. So many mistakes in life. It got to a point where I saw life was useless for me.

The father of one says he wanted to take his own life but prayer strengthened him.

I used to stay indoors most of the times.
I used to be alone for like a week without leaving the house. I tried to commit suicide but it didn’t work and it’s from there I STARTED PRAYING, going to Karura forest every morning by foot just to pray. During this time, I used to stay in Ruaka.

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Mr Seed went through depression all alone and when asked how he handled it, he says;

I had no one to talk to… It was just me and God.

Mr Seed’s song has touched many and below are some of the comments;

Dr Ofweneke: This song almost got me in tears!!! Your have matured to another level and I am proud of you!

David Mwaniki: Tangu atoke EMB amebarikiwa, gonga like kama unakubali

Prince Newton: Mr seed and Guardian Angel are the only true Gospel heroes in Kenya if you agree drop a like.

Calypton: 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 Seed has really grown. This is awesome. Wangapi tuNASIMAMA 😅😅

Jocelyn Waithera: Mimi na gospel ni kama maji na mafuta,😹😹😹, buh this one ryt here 😍😍😍😍 u gat me down, keep it up Mr Seed 🔥🔥

Maggy Njeri: A very good song. May God bless you Mr seed and everyone else listening to this

Miriam Mwangi: I didn’t know I needed to hear this, until I did😊 such a beautiful song 💝 completely renewed my strength.

Carol Kem: So powerful. Great message there, so encouraging.

Bellah Poetry: Damn, It reminds me of the many times I almost crawled like a baby, giving up and here, I’m gonna stand in Jesus name. This got me deep. God bless you Mr Seed.