MCA Tricky and Renee
MCA Tricky and Renee

MCA Tricky has risen through the competitive comedy ranks meteorically. The reason is that he is both diligent and motivated to keep improving.

MCA Tricky
Wearing a pink wig

Late last year he released a famous parody of Diamond and Tanasha Donna’s relationship. In the humourous skit, the comic had a pretty yellow-yellow thing.

MCA Tricky and Renee
With the yellow-yellow

But only when he later posted more images of her did people start taking note of who she was. We called the comedian and he was open about facets of his life in an intimate interview.

MCA Tricky
The comedian posing

Who is the chick and is she his girlfriend?

Yes, she was and her name is Renee (one name like Beyonce!). We met when I was doing rounds in Mombasa working.

MCA Tricky and Renee
MCA Tricky and Renee

Does he see a future with her and what is special about her?

Off course! Why? She is a beauty out of this world with a cool character, brainy academically! Alafu ye hakuona safara akamdharau alishangaa kuja kujua ni tricky baadaye kabisa!

MCA Tricky and Renee
Doing the Diamond skit with Renee

What is the entertainer doing at the moment?

I am involved in building Tricky Sana Ent’ Rocketing Projects (Tricky County Tour…happening this year ) & online entertainment projects. Being an independent brand, MCATricky.

MCA Tricky
In the clown hat

What did he think of the current debate about playing Kenyan music?
His answer was 2-part saying:

to the musicians in the lime light;stop being lazy, instead of celebrating one hit in half an year ,get back to the studio and give us hits time and again #Consistency! To them again ,Support your fellow upcoming great talents! Ya mwisho;Muziki ni biashara ,kama consumer anailenga duka yako ,,unafaa usumbuke studio badala ya kusumbuka twitter na hashtags!, jiulize mbona duka yako ya mziki haina laini ya waiting customers! 

Jalang'o vs Sauti Sol
Jalang’o vs Sauti Sol

And what was his solution to the radio guys?

DJs and Radio presenters…play the genuinely good Kenyan music 80% haha!

Did he have any regrets?

Not starting a YouTube channel early enough like huko 2016, coz niliianza last year tu!

MCA Tricky
The comic posing on the beach

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