Business News Anchor , Regina Manyara was recently a victim of physical assault by a drunk man. The incident happened at 12:45 am in Rongai Maasai Lodge Area on Saturday last week just outside her house.

regina m

The offender, Tom Ayeko Opiyo knocked her car, when she got out to inspect the damage, they both got into a confrontation and he later responded with blows.

Below is a picture of her car;

manyara case

After the heavy blows on her head she felt  a little bit dizzy. Then when she started fighting back the man insulted her.

 ”You are a woman what can you do!?”

As she was still in pain she gathered her strength and shouted for help. The commotion caused the watchman to check out what was happening eventually some neighbors started showing up.

She later discovers that the neighbours knew the man who was beating her up ”Tom…watchana na huyu mama”.

Regina with her courage managed to get footage of the part of the  drama. Check out the evidence Regina managed to record on her phone;

The news anchor luckily managed to report the issue quickly at the Rongai Police Station (OB: 13/10/6/ 2017) and got a P3 form for her injuries.

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Below is a letter from a Medical Centre in Rongai as evidence for the physical damage on Regina Manyara;


The man who assaulted her was later arrested the same day. His car was found in a ditch outside a club within the same locality and was taken to NTSA offices for alcohol consumption test.

Regina had this to say;

”The offender was arrested on Saturday but he posted bail and was freeD. On TUESDAY   he appeared  in court and  he took a  not guilty plea at the Ngong Law Courts . He was released on a cash bail of 50k  Out of LENIENCY plus 50k by NTSA for drunk driving.”

Despite the fact that Regina may have  slightly managed to  get justice regarding her case, she  still feels she’s the law may be compromised due to the fact that the man has connections with Government officials.

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Regina discloses that family members to Tom had requested her  to handle the issue out of court;

”The wife of the guy who ASSAULTED me tried pleading with me on facebook  to handle the case outside of court due to the fact that he is a family man. I declined and decided to look for a lawyer”.


Manyara 11


The KBC Presenter has however learned to be more vigilant and leave work early for the sake of her security.

The case is still  to be  heard on the 27th of this month in court.