kamene goro

Kamene Goro reminds me of Akothee in terms of how audacious and brazen she is. The plus-size woman has been attacked over the years about her big size.

Kamene Goro
Kamene Goro: Courtesy/ Double Dee’s

Some of the critics have been unhappy with how she posts images of her body in lingerie. Earlier this year she received considerable blow-back when she posted an image of herself in a revealing attire.

Kamene Goro
Kamene Goro

Her response to the haters can be summed up in two words:

Suck it.

And this week she posted another image of herself in lingerie while swimming at the rooftop pool at the Radisson Blu. Two screenshots later emerged with the former showing that her post had been commented on but a few hours later the post had none.

Kamene Goro Screenshot
Side by Side comparison of the post

Why was that? I called the NRG radio presenter for what had happened? She was willing and ready to talk. She said:

I turned off commenting.

When one turns off commenting on Instagram the comments that were already there disappear. Why did she do it?

Because of the way people talk. People have such negative vibes, Everyone has an opinion. Sometimes I don’t want to know what people think.

Kamene Goro

That raised the point then why would turn off the comments if she did not care about what people think?

Because I can, I suppose. Another thing you don’t pit people against each other. I have a lot of guys who support me, they are Teamkamene and I don’t want them to have a fight with other people who are all about negativity.

kamene goro

She added:

Sometimes they beef in the comments. I don’t want to encourage that culture and I don’t want my fans to rough it out with haters.


What does she think of the negative comments she may randomly gets on her Instagram page?

They are very funny by the way. I laugh most of the time. My reaction to everything is laughter.

Kamene Goro
Kamene Goro smiling

Kamene revealed a few months back that she had slept with 27 men. That shocked many and might have perturbed others. Was she surprised by the reactions she got?

I mean I had to uh…When backlash comes it comes. you are not allowed to accept it or reject it. It was taken out of…I don’t know…I think it is water under the bridge. It is not a thing nowadays.

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