One of the highlights of this year’s Grammys is when pop star Rihanna rocket the stage. She was flanked by African dancers, with whom she staged an epic performance. The crowd went wild when she did the popular South African dance Gwara Gwara as she sang “Wild Thoughts” alongside Bryson Tiller and DJ Khaled. The 60th Grammy Awards ceremony took place in New York.

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I was lucky enough to catch up with Stephen Ojo (Nigeria) and Caleb Bonney (Ghana), the two dancers who were on the front with Rihanna at the coveted awards ceremony.

Prior to the awards show, Caleb teased about the incoming historic performance:

And then it all happened at Madison Square:

Stephen took to Instagram to thank Rihanna for giving Afrobeats dance a chance:

“RIRI THANK YOU FOR GIVING AFROBEATS/AFRICAN DANCE A CHANCE AND LETTING US TEACH YOU, GOD BLESS YOU. You, bryson, and Khaled are all some humble people 🤙🏾 God is good!!!!!!,” he said.

I caught up with the two members of A.V.O Boys dance crew and they gave me juice on their unforgettable moment in life:

On how they got the gig:

Well Caleb got a call from one of our friends who happens to be a huge supporter and great help to the A.V.O boys, Tanisha Scott. She asked him to gather a group to make a quick audition video to Rihanna’s “Wild Thoughts”. She made it clear that we had a chance to perform at the Grammys but no one was guaranteed a spot.

On performing with Rihanna, one of the most popular celebs on the planet:

Sharing the stage with some of the world’s most respected artist was certainly a blessing. It was an overwhelming experience and we enjoyed every second that we spent on the stage. We were doing what we love and we also got the chance to represent Africa through the last few moves of the entire routine. Having Rihanna do the GWARA GWARA with us was certainly an accomplishment for us. Overall the experience was great.

On the preparations for the Grammys:

Rehearsal was very intense, but the dancers we were around were all awesome, humble and they welcomed us with open hands which made rehearsal a lot easier to go through. Apart from the intense practice and hours we put into rehearsal, rehearsal was always fun because we were all learning from each other, and also having the chance to connect and grow a bond with other dancers who were from all over the world.

Rihanna Gwara Gwara
Stephen Ojoo performing right next to Rihanna at the Grammys.

What do they have to say to their supporters?

We just want to thank everyone for the love and support that they have shown to us as a group, we never expected this outcome but we really really love and appreciate everyone who showed us love. We mainly thank God for giving us the opportunity to showcase African culture and moves on one of the biggest platforms in the world.

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