mimi mars

Vanessa Mdee’s younger sister has been rapidly growing as a public figure. The two sisters appeared alongside each other in the Navy Kenzo music video “Game”, which has received massive airplay across Africa. I had a mini-interview with the hottie – the first MAJOR media interview she has had and she revealed quite a lot of surprising bits about her. Mimi Mars – as her fans call her – is the true definition of a go getter. Just yesterday, she traveled to Nigeria for business.

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The law graduate comes across as outgoing, charming and such a brainy. When Vanessa introduced her to the limelight, she instantly became of interest to team mafisi. Well, I am sorry she had something heart shattering to say to them; she is ‘currently unavailable.”

With her growing fame, she has to be a bit more careful. The hardest part of being a celebrity for her is “having to be responsible with what I say with my words because I am usually very outspoken and uncensored.”

mimi mars

Unlike many girls, Mimi does not read fashion magazines. Instead, she finds solace in movies, her favorite being Shameless.

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