Almost a year ago, Ugandan musician Desire Luzinda was rocked by a major scandal. Her sex tape was leaked by her now ex-lover. It was the most trying moment for her. Despite the extremely bad energy that was being pushed on her, she survived the ordeal.

desire luzinda

Desire went on to release new music and has since maintained her cool. The “Omusujja” singer says that she is grateful to her family and friends for not abandoning her in that trying moment.

“I must say it was quite a scandal I am telling you. For starters, I didn’t know I would bounce back, you know. That’s one of my toughest times in my life ever. I can say I owe it to God because without Him I wouldn’t be here. It took me a lot of counseling from my pastor and my family,” she revealed.

The viral video which was pasted all across East African blogs, left her emotionally distorted for many months.

“They played a very big role of accepting me regardless. They stood by me amidst the tempest,” she added.

This Is What The Leaked Sex Tape Did To Uganda’s Singer Desire Luzinda

The public figure told me that she has a management team of six people who help her focus on her career. They guided her through every step.

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