huddah monroe

Huddah Monroe! That sexy thing! I was wondering who she might get married to. Will the dude handle her craziness? Yes, she might have re-branded herself but still…her hilarious Snapchat stories tell it all.

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So out of the blue, I hit her up to know about her marriage plans, not because I was hopping to book that position, but to definitely let you know what-it-is. In case you never knew, she’s careful of what she puts out there, because she’s a brand ambassador for major companies.

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But first, I had to know what she does to maintain her sexy figure. Is it the fruit juices that she regularly imbibes while her thirsty fans watch on her Snaps? Is it working out?! What’s the secret?

“Actually, that will be a disappointment (to my fans) because I don’t work out. I tried it and it didn’t work. I tried jogging it didn’t work; I’m such a lazy bum, I’d rather be hustling than working out!,” she revealed.

Well, I guess her fine a** and curves are all in the genes.!

On to the more important issue, turns out that this girl actually has the most unexpected plans…if you know her well.

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