Wyre and wife
Wyre and wife

Secular artiste Wyre has revealed that his wife of 10 years is his biggest support and also his biggest critique when it comes to his music.

Wyre, who renewed his marriage vows last year, in an exclusive interview shared that the key to a great marriage is having a kin listening ear.

I am thankful to God that I have such a great marriage.

For me Family is everything. It’s all I work, for it’s all I live for.

Marriage reminds you that you are human.


He adds

The biggest lesson I have learnt in those 10 years is to learn to listen to each other. Marriage is what you make it.

I have no regrets about marrying my wife. She is my best critique from my music to my clothing.

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On why he keeps his family private, Wyre says

I am a very private person and I am not the kind of person who posts about everything I am doing in my life because it’s not my nature.

I also keep them away because they can be an easy target.

Wyre also admits that he is a romantic.

There are so many romantic things for my wife I cannot even pinpoint a specific one.

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