mr puaz

Another talent has left WCB. This time round it’s Mr Puaz who has managed Harmonize for a long time now. The creative who was well involved in the Kwa Ngwaru project among many others. has exclusively found out that there had been irreconcilable differences that led to Puaz’s exit.

We had some misunderstanding which could have led to bad business so I decide to step out as his manager

Adding that:

I left Early December last year but the top management is still taking care of him so he is in good hands.

mr puaz

Puaz had previously worked with Tanzanian rapper Shetta before he linked up with Konde Boy.

Well, for now, I’m not working with anyone but if there will be any client i’m ready to work with them, not just from Tanzania but anywhere across the continent (Africa)

I had worked with many Tanzanian artistes among them Shetta, then i officially jumped in as Harmonize’s manager in March and our first project was Kwa Ngwaru.

So, is he and WCB willing to patch things up some day and go back to manage this artiste?

This can be possible but this will need a long discussion for it to happen again

mr puaz

He isn’t the first person to leave WCB. Diamond’s bodyguard Mwarabu Fighter and his photographer Kifesi left the institution last year over what was said to be a misunderstanding between them.

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