Joji Baro

Gay gospel artiste George Barasa, popularly known as Joji Baro, has made public the list of prominent Kenyan personalities who drive him crazy every time he sets his eyes on them.

In an interview hosted by the lovely Sarah Kimathi, Joji Baro told Mpasho that he has a huge crush on popular actor Nick Mutuma and would hook up with him any time.

“There is Nick Mutuma and I don’t care whether he is straight or gay, so long as I as I have a crush on him. I date men. Straight is the new gay, nobody should fool you about that” he quipped.

Apart from Nick Mutuma, who else does he find appealing to the eye? Well, Joji Baro said that he also has a crush on at least two members of Kenyan boy band Sauti Sol, one in particular has completely swept him off his feet.

“There are two guys from Sauti Sol that I really like. To be  more specific there’s one who is short and chubby , he completely melts my heart,” he said.

Because I don’t want to speculate, I’ll let you decide who the “short and chubby” one is from the photos below. Your guess is as good as mine.

Lastly, the gay activist said that he is also obsessed with the son of a prominent politician who had a tied the knot over the weekend.

“I also like the who stays in State House, the one who had a wedding over the weekend. But I don’t want to be locked up, he should blame his genes for being too cute,” he remarked.

Which prominent personalities has Joji Baro already slept with? One might ask, check out the video below.

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