Kenyan female rapper Wanjiku Kimani, popularly known as Femi One has been a hot topic of discussion since she released the diss track dubbed “Pilau Njeri” about a fortnight ago.

We recently invited the Kaka Empire signee to have a discussion about the song that takes a swipe at Sosuun, Noti Flow, Njeri among other female rappers.

During our interview, we asked her questions some of which had nothing to do with the song which has been topping local charts.

Among the questions asked was which artist Femi thinks is very exceptional in bed and her response left us dumbfounded. I’ll explain why in a short while.

When we asked her to choose between Kaligraph Jones and Timmy T Dat who looks like they are more fun in bed and she picked the latter, yes the “Dus Nyau” singer is good in bed, according to her. I can’t tell you how she know this.

I find Femi’s choice very interesting; interesting because not so long ago, Kush Tracey told Pulse that “Timmy’s skills are not the best, let us just say yuko down on bedroom matters. He is not as energetic as the guy you see on stage performing.”

“Hakijui Ku-do!” Timmy Dat Has The Sex Game Of A Dead Sloth Claims His Sexy Ex

Femi was also asked her to choose what she prefers between thongs and panties. What did she pick? Your guess is as good as mine.

Check out the video below.

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