DAvid Wonder

Gospel singer David Wonder has released his most anticipated song titled ‘Rehema’.

The singer said he was in a dilemma on whether to name it ‘Rehema’ or ‘Neema’ but settled on the latter.

Speaking exclusively to Mpasho.co.ke, Wonder said,

‘Rehema means mercy and neema is grace and at this time with Corona I wanted to encourage people. The song is being received well and to be honest, its not a surprise because its my favorite on my catalogue of unreleased songs. I spoke my heart out and poured everything into the song when I was writing it. Its just me in my zone.’


‘I feel good that it has been received well and my goal is to reach out to people.’

Asked why some part of his music video looked borrowed from Diamond Platnumz’s Baba Lao video, Wonder denied saying that it is an idea used by many artists.

About the video, there is a part I had been Kidnapped, I did that video in that way to symbolize the act of kidnapping. I am not the only one who does videos like that. That idea has been done by a couple of people.

David Wonder

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He asked his fans to be patient with him as they wait for bigger and better projects.

Expect even bigger projects. People should continue praying for me. I know the rest of the year is going to be good to me whether there is corona or not.

Wonder urged people to continue keeping safe during this pandemic.

‘Remember to stay at home if you can, sanitize or wash your hands to make sure you protect yourself from this virus.’

Check out the song: