Miguna Miguna and Njugush
Miguna Miguna and Njugush

This is hilarious!

Njugush is probably the funniest guy Kenyans have seen in the past few years.

He made his name after his debut in the local drama, The Real Househelps Of Kawangware.

Since then, Njugush has been shooting mini sketches that have gone viral.


Njugush has topped the list of one of the most recognised comedian brands in town.

He is currently a mentor at the ongoing BLAZE BYOB TV series.


Mpasho.co.ke had a chat with Njuguna but it was interrupted by a phone call from the General Miguna Miguna.

In his hilarious ‘call’ the comedian and Miguna talk about the deportation woes and Miguna’s free transport to a foreign land.

“At the end of the day utatoka umeshinda,” Njugush encourages the General.

Here is the hilarious phone call caught on video: