Rumours have been swirling that popular comedian Churchill Ndambuki was at the Dusit Hotel when Al Shabaab terrorists struck.

Members of the public being evacuated
Members of the public being evacuated

The allegation is that he was among the 700 people rescued, a claim that we had to prove and so we called him. He responded by saying:

No, I wasn’t there. (at the moment the terrorists attacked.)

Churchill Ndambuki
Churchill Ndambuki

He also explained how the misunderstanding might have happened saying:

Had just passed there much earlier.

The comedian, however, spoke about the issue on his social media page saying:

Being Kenyan is about the spirit…
It goes beyond skin color or tribal affiliation 
We appreciate you….for the rescue efforts, blood donation and prayers.
Asante sana na baraka tele!!

Jalang'o and Churchill
Jalang’o and Churchill

Willy Paul is one Kenyan artist who witnessed the incident and gave his amazing and heartwrenching story to us, telling them:

We exited through the emergency exit, although at that time It was already jam-packed with people who want to get away in a frenzy. Once we got outside, there was a fence. Everyone rushed toward the fence but we first had to go through an open area. The fear of dying got my adrenaline pumping I tried helping some ladies but they were too many. I sympathized with some of them because the fence was too high for them.

Willy Paul
Willy Paul

At least, Willy survived the ordeal an has been able to tell his story.

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