Pastor Kanyari
Pastor Kanyari and Betty Bayo's kids

Pastor Kanyari has said that despite being separated from gospel artiste Betty Bayo, the latter has never denied her time with the kids.

Speaking during an exclusive interview with Mpasho, Kanyari says he still creates time to pray for them.

When I get time to talk to my children about life issues I do and if I don’t get that chance, I always talk to God.

I tell Him to stand with my children. He will protect your children if you are a righteous person but if you are a wicked person…

My ex wife Betty Bayo has never denied me a chance to see my kids, Even if I wanted to see them now I can. Betty is a good woman and a good mother.

Betty Bayo
Betty Bayo

Pastor Kanyari says parents need to be open to their children and stop ignoring the fact that their children pick up information from kids they interact with.

‘As a society, we have decided that any guidance should be gotten from the world forgetting that the world is very hostile.’

Kanyari went on to add that one of the many reasons evil has increased in society is because people have deviated from God and His will.

‘Rebellion is the cause of all the evil happening in the society.

If everyone is against the church where we used to seek the guidance, then we should expect what we have been seeing.’

‘If Laboso came to my church I’d have healed her of cancer’ Pastor Nganga

He adds,

My advice to people is for them to start praying for their children and speak to them about everything that  is ahead of them.

Let us not forget that both the accused and the victim suffer the same.

Kanyari vs Betty BayoKanyari went on to add that some of the things happening around are as a result of generational curses something that may go unnoticed.

There are generation curses that need to be broken. 

For example if you ever rape, that curse will follow your generation as well. People need to go back to church which is not happening because the church is being ‘attacked’.