Kenyan songstress Judith Nyambura spoke about her pregnancy for the first time and who she’s dating in an exclusive interview with Mpasho.

Towards the end of last year, the “Yule Dem” singer left tongues wagging after she posted a photo which showed her with a bulging baby bump.

Check out the photo below.

That awesome moment when you start showing ????????

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While some fans sent their congratulatory messages, others cast doubt saying Avril did not look pregnant when she performed a week before. Truth is, they were actually right.

The singer said that she loves playing around with people’s minds when asked whether she is really pregnant.

“I know everyone is expecting me to be pregnant at some point. So, sometimes its nice to play around with those thoughts. That’s the reason why sometimes I just do things, its fun to see the interaction people have with such posts. But I AM NOT WITH CHILD” avril said.

She added that she’s hoping to get pregnant and is looking for a man to ensure this comes to pass, if not, Avril said she will have to visit an IVF center to look for a donor.

Here is the video:

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