Akothee posing in purple

Akothee is a proud and confident woman. The mother of 5 is always in the news, which is not an easy task, considering how hard it is to keep the public interested in you.

The singer posing in white

But Esther Akoth, as her birth certificate reads, knows how to captivate Kenyans. And she does so excellently, using her social media pages, like Instagram and Facebook. In them, she shares parts of her life from who she might be dating, to her business ventures. It seems that there is nothing off-limits for the singer.

In her office

She recently spoke to Mpasho.coke exclusively and revealed some interesting nuggets. She advised young women/girls who might follow/admire her saying:

Us women we are not looking for men to take care of us. We are looking for men who can take care of themselves.

Enjoying a meal with her first born daughter

Her own comment made her giggle and then she added:

There is a scarcity of men out there, so don’t think of hopping on somebody else’s husband. That is someone else’s…sorry, sh1t. The world is full of temptation, out there and as a woman, the only thing you can own is the ground beneath your feet. own your ground, know who you are, your weaknesses and your strengths . With these major points, you are able to carry yourself with confidence.

Akothee and Victoria Kimani
Akothee and Victoria Kimani confidently on the beach

She added deprecatingly:

Just know, wow, I am as ugly as Akothee and fearfully and wonderfully made by God. You know it doesn’t have to be make-up. Make-up is just to enhance the beauty which has already been existing.

The singer smiling

She summarised her advice to the ladies with a wonderful one-liner saying:

As a woman, you know very well that men control the world but we(women) control the men. So the world belongs to women. So own your ground girl!!!

Akothee and Nelly Oaks
Akothee’s manager serving her

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