Popular  Socialite Vera Sidika had recently shocked her fans online when she opened up about her abusive ex boyfriend.

Vera Sidika and Advanced Playmaker

Vera had evidence and even took to social media to post times her former lover attempted beating her.


The whole love saga caused a lot of tension on social media but at the same time motivated other women to open up regarding past toxic relationships they were involved in.

Me Too, I Have Being In An Abusive Relationship,’ Kenyan Women Narrate Their Sad Tales After Vera Sidika Exposed Her Abusive Ex

On the other hand Veteran Kenyan musician Nameless, has condemned domestic violence against women .


In an exclusive interview with Mpasho he said men who get physical with their women can’t just control their emotions

”Love HARBOURS off passion and emotion but you have to learn to control your emotions. When you see someone getting violent, they have an insecurity in themselves and the relationship. Such people use their physical strength as away to intimidate their lover but in the end it doesn’t work you are imposing yourself on someone when their heart is not there.They are only there out of fear.It shows insecurity and weakness of one’s character.”

Nameless also urges individuals in such relationships to speak up and gives advice on how to come out of such a situation.

” Involve a COUNSELOR at early stages if it doesn’t work take it to another level a lot of people have died due to such cases . Those are signs of someone who can’t handle DISAPPOINTMENTS. Relationships are about DISAPPOINTMENTS.  People need to speak up more.”