Diamond Platnumz

He is a great example of going from grass to grace.


Born a talented artiste, Diamond Platnumz ventured into singing after completing form four but all wasn’t rosy.

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In an exclusive interview with Maina Kageni on Classic 105, the Tanzanian singer talked about his life journey leaving many in awe.

“After form four, I tried to find a record label to sign me but it wasn’t easy. Everywhere I went, I didn’t manage to get someone to sign me,” he said.

Diamond added that:

“I joined a chama and when my turn came, I was given Tzshs. 20k. I went to a studio and recorded a song but the producer wasn’t good enough and the song didn’t hit. But I was happy to hear my voice and told myself ‘Yes I can sing'”

Diamond Platnumz did not give up and at one point, he sold his mother’s gold ring at Tzs60,000  (Sh2,701) and visited a different studio to record his second song.

“I had my mother’s gold ring and a friend advised me to sell it. I went back home and told her I had lost in. I paid producer TZs50,000 and remained with TZs10.

I went ahead to record my second song but it didn’t hit because I had no experience but it helped me get someone who helped me record an album. I started realizing singles but unfortunately my sponsor started experiencing financial problems,” he told Maina Kageni. 

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Diamond Platnumz then resorted to photography where he would take photos even at weddings so as to make money.

“Nilirudi mtaani kutafta shughli zengine. Nilikuwa photographer napiga picha passport size pia naenda harusini napiga picha nikiuza,” he explained.

“I got a new job where I used to work at a factory and used to be paid TZs2,00 =Ksh90.00 ( a day used to work from 8 am – 4 pm. One day, I was chosen to be supplying tissue papers in shops but after some time, I quit.

At a point, my mother used to feel that I was unlucky. And I really wanted to make her proud,” said Diamond.

Diamond Platnumz

“I later, started selling mitumba with my friend and made shs1,000 a lady. While selling clothes, I met a producer who encouraged me to continue with music but things didn’t work out.”

The Utanipenda hitmaker never gave up and continued to hustle hoping to become a great man in life.

“I got a job as a petrol attendant. I used to fuel cars and that was my favorite job before I became a professional job.”

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Diamond Platnumz was fired by the petrol station manager accusing him of having stolen money but later, they found out that it was a young boy who used to camp at the station.

He went ahead to try his luck in music, and one day, he met someone, who changed his life completely thanks to his prowess on the screen.

So far, Diamond Platnumz has albums and his songs: Number 1, Mbagala, Nasema Nawe, Sikomi, Utanipenda just to mention but a few, are always dominating the local airwaves. Here is the full audio:

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