Media personality Caroline Mutoko has been up to something major this week. She is attending and supporting the Fashion High Tea, a fun-filled event meant to bring together models, style enthusiasts, designers and people from all walks of life. The occasion is meant to raise money for charity.

This is the sixth edition of the premier event. Mutoko says that it’s the best place to be, especially because of the amazing surrounding and the people you’ll get to meet. Above all, it is for a great cause.

“We always raise money for charity. In our first year, we wrote a check of 390,000 shillings to Pumwani Maternity Hospital,” she said. The money helped some women who had been unable to pay their fees. The money was also used for shopping and bus fare for the women.

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In the following year, 450,000 shillings was donated – in medical supplies – to the Kenyatta National Hospital Cancer Ward for Children. These are not the only projects that the fashion high tea has undertaken. Each and every year, there’s a new charity being supported.

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Last year, designers from as far as India showcased their custom made jewelry, handbags, hats, clothes, cosmetics and other products. The event saw the likes of Janet Mbugua, Anne Kiguta, Fareed Khimani and other top celebrities attend.

Check out the video below to know more about Fashion High Tea: