Harmonize and Sarah

Jacqueline Wolper who is the ex-girlfriend to singer Harmonize has advised his wife, Sarah Michelotti.

Well, last year, Harmonize revealed that he had walked down the aisle with his Italian woman, Sarah.

This is after photos went viral of Sarah and Harmonize in wedding attires. He shut down rumours that it was a video shoot.

Previously, the two were in Italy where the singer proposed to Sarah infront of her family.

Harmonize and Sarah
Newly weds Harmonize and Sarah

Well, their marriage is now rumoured to be on the rocks as the two blocked and unfollowed each other on social media.

Sarah, insinuated in a post that she was being cheated on.

Now, Wolper has come out to say that he knows Harmonize better that anyone could imagine.

Previously, Wolper said in an interview that Sarah had taken Harmonize away from him, hence their break up.

Talking to journalist, Wolper thinks that this is just karma.

Sarah cannot talk bad about me because she knows the truth between me and Harmonize.

I cannot throw shade at her and I will never. I can only advice her about her husband.

If I want my man to be taken by other women, he will go, if I dont want he will not be taken.

He is my ex and I don’t want him.

I can never go back to him. Does that mean i dont have a better man than him? 

Harmonize and Wolper
Harmonize and Wolper

Harmonize has been accused of spending pleasurable time with a video vixen he used in his ‘Bedroom’ song.


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