Kiss FM morning show presenter Andrew Kibe has opened up on how he found out that his girlfriend was cheating on him with someone he knew.

According to Kibe – whom many would consider a playboy – the damsel had saved the other man’s name under a woman’s name.

‘I had this chic but it was a serious relationship. I had this serious business that I was going to sell so this guy said he’ll buy it. So we are in the digs with this chic. I need to call him to come we talk business but I do not have credit so I use my babe’s phone to call the business guy and I see it is saved under a certain chics name, Ruth 2,” Kibe narrated.

KISS FM’s Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe.

‘You are evil,’ Andrew Kibe slams Kamene Goro over her infidelity

He continued,

I thought of course it could not be on her phone cause they do not know each other. I met this guy when doing business

So I cancel the call and then I put the number again this time slowly.

And I am like Ruth 2 again? Aiiiiiiii hapana no!

That is when reality hit Kibe, manz was being played! A serious game was going on right under his nose.

It came rushing to my mind and I realized I was played.

I thought this guy came independently kumbe he had been sent.

Kumbe this guy was buying a business for my babe. I was in shock.

I just wanted to know if there was a lie and once I did I knew that is it.

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