Former Tusker Project fame winner Ruth Matete has in an interview with Ebru TV opened up about growing up in an abusive home.

Matete who is the daughter to Kenyan actor Abel Amunga says,

My mum got me when they were in high school and they did not get married so I stayed with my mum for the first 6/7 years of my life.

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Ruth Matete

My mum got married to another man and later my mum introduced me to my biological father and he took me given that he had cleared school. I had never been to school I was always at home doing house chores. My step dad was not so good to me and my mum.

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Matete said that her mum was constantly beaten something that broke her heart.

He was a drunk and he used to beat me a lot. She sensed it was time for her to go as she was always in and out of hospital. My dad used to tell me that even when my mum was pregnant with me she was always sick from being beaten.

Six or seven months after I came with my biological dad to Nairobi my mum died.

Upon coming to the city, Matete found out that her actor dad had already remarried.

My dad was also married and his wife was not so good to me, she would beat me everyday when she wanted to solve issues with me.

Ruth Matete and her dad Abel Amunga

3/4 years after I came to Nairobi, my step mum came to the house and packed all her things and left. My dad decided from then on it would only be him and I. He promised to take care of me till I am able to stand on my own something he still does.

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