Awinja Jacky

If there’s an actress I admire and adore, then it’s Papa Shirandula’s actress Jacky Vike popularly known by many as Awinja. This lass is very talented; no one does what they like with passion like Awinja.

Talanta Si Ndumba: Five Funniest Photos Awinja Of Papa Shirandula Has Ever Posted

Awinja, who plays the role of a naive house help in the local TV production Papa Shirandula, is giving her counterparts a run for their money. We have seen her work with major corporates off late, thanks to her clean image. Apart from acting, Awinja is a great fashion enthusiast. She always tops when it comes to latest trends.

Well, Awinja has become the trending topic on social media after she dressed to kill at the just concluded Kalasha awards. Just like Celina, Awinja wore a long dress showing off her sexy figure that left men ogling at her astonishing beauty.

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Awinja Papa Shirandula